domingo, 29 de febrero de 2004

Just keep it simple.

Para acabar con las restricciones, Goldratt, aconseja:
"Examine a given system and ask yourself, what is the minimum number of points one has to impact in order to impact the whole system?... For every real-life system there are very few elements governing the entire system.” The fewer the points, the easier the system is to manage. “To get results you have to spend your time finding those elements,” he explains. These elements, or constraints, are also the leverage points of the organisation.So, here’s Dr Goldratt’s five-step agenda to almost immediate performance jumps: Identify the system’s constraints; decide how to exploit these; subordinate everything else to this decision; elevate the system constraints; and finally, if in the previous step’s constraint has been broken, go back to step 1.
El artículo completo de The Economic Times on line India.