domingo, 24 de julio de 2005

How bad is your manager?

Scott Berkun en su página web , tiene una serie de ensayos de bastante interes, sobre todo para los que se dedican a la tecnologia o al project management. Uno de ellos es "How to survive a bad manager" , en el que nos aconseja que aun perdiendo en algun concepto, salario, posicion, ubicacion, es mejor sentirse feliz en otro trabajo, que infeliz en el actual.
Una de sus reflexiones intenta describir, como es nuestro actual jefe.......

There are many different factors that contribute to negative opinions of managers. It’s not the goal of this essay to list them all, but here are some of the basics:

* Inconsistent: Says one thing, does something else.
* Arrogant. Always believes they are right, and makes sure you know it.
* Egocentric. Makes every issue and decision about them.
* Doesn’t listen: is offered advice but ignores it before even considering it.
* Self-centered: Doesn’t support, encourage or look out for their team.
* Mean/Abusive: Makes people feel bad for no reason.
* Micro-manager: Refuses to delegate anything, despite what they say.
* Coward: Backs down whenever challenged.
* Isolated: doesn’t involve others in decisions, and rarely looks for ways to support/encourage the work of their team.
* Incompetent: Lacks basic communication, intellectual, or emotional skills needed to for their role.
* Checked out: Isn’t committed to their work or their team.

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