miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2005


El pasado año, Nonac escribió en un post de Slashdot lo siguiente:

Offshoring my own job

About a year ago I hired a developer in India to do my job. My employer is none the wiser. I pay him $12,000 to do the job I get paid $67,300 for. He is happy to have the work. I am happy that I only have to work about 90 minutes per day (I still have to attend meetings myself, and I spend a few minutes every day talking code with my Indian counterpart). The rest of the time my employer thinks I'm telecommuting. They are happy to let me telecommute because my output is higher than most of my coworkers.

Now I'm considering getting a second job and doing the same thing with it. That may be pushing my luck though. The extra money would be nice, but that could push my workday over five hours.

Este es el origen de toda una serie de comentarios y articulos que en los ultimos tiempos circulan por internet. Pertenece a una serie titulada Jobs to India: a broad look en el cual hay toda una serie de comments enlazados al respecto. Todo encaja en las mismas fechas, febrero de 2004, en las que Wired publico un articulo titulado The new face of the Silicon Age .
Digno de una interesante reflexion.